How much of your time do you allocate for exercising?

Discussion in Sports & Fitness started by 003 • Jun 4, 2014.

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    I spend 30 minutes doing running, 30 minutes stretching doing core exercise like crunches and plank, and another 30 minutes for strength training. I do this all in the morning before my class. After my class, I swim for 2 hours in the evening. So overall, I spend 2 and half hours everyday except for Mondays because I don't swim on this day. The rest I always do. Three hours is a big deal and not easy to snatch on other things, but as much as I could, I manage to attend to this routine. Not easy though.
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    3 hours a day is a pretty incredible amount of time to be working out. But good for you to be able to workout so much.

    But currently, I try and be sure to work out at least 30 minutes every day in some fashion. Whether it be running, swimming, strength training, or doing some sport, I make the effort to be active every day. I wish I had more time to allocate for working out, but that's all my schedule allows me to do.
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