How to care for a pet in a concrete yard?

Discussion in Pets started by H.C. Heartland • Sep 7, 2014.

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    On our property there is a night watchman. He has recently requested to get a puppy. I'm so excited because I love puppies! However, I'm a little worried that it will be cruel to have a dog in our yard because we have no grass. Do you have any tips for how to property set up an area for a dog when there is only concrete? We have a lot of long concrete flower boxes. And he can take him for walks in areas where there is grass. He will have free roam to walk and move during the day but I'm concerned about a 'clean-up' area as well. Also, we have a large stone fence that I fear might echo and annoy the neighbors. Although the other neighbors have dogs and so I don't think it should be a problem. But any tips would be greatly appreciated!
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    Well if you notice when you go to an animal shelter the animals are usually in concrete runs. You can get him a kuranda bed

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    so he doesn't have to be lying on the concrete. What I would be worried about would be what you would do with the dog when weather gets extremely hot or cold - he needs to be in a climate controlled area when it gets very very hot or cold. You can put down puppy pee pads for him to "go" on if he is not going while being walked. Once he is potty trained that will be easier.
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    Litter boxes are mostly used by cats but I've heard that small dogs, even puppies, can be trained to use a litter box. If you are willing to put some time into training the dog to use the litter box then I suppose, cleaning up the place where the puppy lives won't be much of a problem.

    And as suggested above, get it some kind of bedding.
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    Where I use to live, there were three dogs and the entire yard space was concrete, so here are tips I had to learn, ensure that your dog's toenails are properly cut, because dogs can't retrack their nails fully, and concrete is tough, when they run and turn sharply, it will wear away their nails and they will begin to hurt. Also, sweep the concrete daily, when they defecate, it will stay on the concrete, unlike the dirt and grass that will absorb the waste. Bathe them twice a month or once every two weeks, and finally, allow them to feel a different texture other than concrete under their paws :)
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    There are some challenges associated with caring for a dog in a
    concrete yard. You have to train the dog to relieve itself in a
    specific place and also make provision for a mat or floor covering
    where it can rest its bones. Our dogs are usually in the open though
    this might pose the danger of contacting zoonoses from other dogs or
    animals which means more drugs or visits by the vet, at least over
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    There needs to be a shelter and a small summer house is ideal. It is large enough to put a small sofa so the dog will feel really at home. Make sure he has heating and that the little house has good ventilation. If you want to keep his area to a certain patch then you would have to either train him every day to do his business on command. Or, make him a run that he is allowed to do his business in. A run would have to be cleaned out regularly and washed with disinfectant and bleach.

    It isn't really a good idea to keep a dog outside. They are social animals and can do just as good a security job by living inside beside you. My two have unlimited access to all of my house. That gives me security day and night. At the same time, I get my unlimited pleasure of their company. They are my family. I'd feel guilty if they were outside. If they do have to live outside then it's great to make them their own little home so I'm glad you are caring for this little pup, I think you and he will become good friends!
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