How To Make Sure The Grammys Given For "good Music" (not "marketing")

Discussion in Movies, Music & Games started by mythman • Feb 7, 2015.

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    I thought to myself, "What criteria separate Grammy-worthy music from cookie-cutter pop?" I asked Microsoft's Bing 'What criteria should grammy awards be awarded-by?' (or some similar search), and it gave me a few pages---one with

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    (to give examples of what the Recording Academy is looking-at), and

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    (among other results).

    So you know the Grammys go to high-quality music, because they're awarded by music-professionals---people who eat the glitz-&-glamour for their bread-&-butter, and so aren't swayed by 'bright lights flashing' when they make their choice.

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    Aren't we lucky to have musicians who take Time Out of their busy-busy lives to show us Muggles that the people we can't stop listening-to are actually GOOD to listen-to?