How To Save On Shaving Creams And Razors

Discussion in Health & Beauty started by TheOtherSide • Aug 27, 2017.

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    Jul 29, 2017
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    I can say that I have less facial hairs than most men do, so I think shaving is really not so much of a problem to me. I just trim my facial hairs using a regular barber's scissor and for that I get to save some money hence I don't need to use shaving creams or disposable razors.

    What are your take on this? Do you shave your facial hairs or do you just let them grow which are more common in today's fashion? It is hygienic to grow facial hairs? For the ladies, do you find men with facial hairs appealing or do you prefer those who shave? How often do you shave your facial hairs (for men) or legs (for the ladies) ? Do you use the barber's razors or the disposable one?