I Have Arrived! & Now I'm Here to Strengthen Real Money!

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    Mar 21, 2014
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    I am living on a limited income. That is to say that--when prices get high (as they might have to if people want to raise the minimum wage AND keep their jobs :mad:) and MOST people can just ask for higher salaries--my money gets weaker-&-weaker.

    So I NEED bargains & coupons! But I only deal in 'cash' (not 'cyber-coins' or 'credit' ... they call it "virtual" for a reason!)

    Money is a Tool, NOT A RESOURCE! If you need a hole dug, you only need ONE shovel (sure, bigger ones will dig the hole deeper faster; but there's STILL no reason to have more than one unless you have diggers to give the shovels to). Coupons make the money stronger---able to 'lift more earth in a single heave.'

    Where (in REAL reality) can I find coupons? And where can I give away REAL coupons I'm not using? That's my job---Consumer Uncle.