I need some advice about shopping in Atlanta.

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    Oct 8, 2014
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    Hi, everyone.
    I am an international visitor here in Atlanta, I am new here.
    And I need some advice on some shopping I did last weekend.
    Here is the thing, I went to the Ross Dress for Less store near my community, I was trying to find some stylish shoes I can wear in the office and hanging out with friends.
    So I found two pair of shoes under the brand name "US POLO ASSN", looks nice for me.
    And they are both in the price of $19.99. So I thought it's a good deal, like give for free.
    I upload the picture below.

    However, when I wen back home, I searched for "US POLO ASSN" online, there are people saying they are a cheap copying brand of POLO Raph Lauren.
    And there are some news talking about a 17-year-old boy commit a suicide only because his mom bought him US POLO ASSN shoes, not Raph Lauren...
    I know the brand Raph Lauren, I went to outlet on black Friday last year.
    There is a POLO RL store, the clothing is expensive for me.
    So I want to ask if I wear this shoes to office or hang out with friends, it will be ok, right?