I will give you a Workout plan that combines Quick Fat Loss & Intense Muscle Building PLUS Healthy E

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    Let me explain you what is it about. This program can be used by both men and women. It can also be done at home if you just have a pair of dumbbells.

    Specifically, you will build more muscle and lose fat with your workouts without a single extra minute of gym time, or a single extra set at the gym. The improved form this course gives you makes every exercise you do more effective, efficient and safe, which will be a HUGE help for building lean mass and burning that fat.

    You will also get a Healthy Eating System as a BONUS which will tell you exactly how to prepare your meals in advance for the whole week. This requires only 1 hour per week. You will also learn what foods to eat and what foods to avoid in order to burn fat and lose weight.

    You can expect to get a muscular and lean body within 12 weeks with this program, if you have less than 30 lbs. If you have more than this to lose, repeat the last Phase until you have achieved your desired body.

    You can also expect to become more attractive to women, get more respect from men, and have increased confidence and self-esteem as a result of your new body.

    What this program is NOT
    - This is NOT just a 30 days quick fix program or yo-yo diet.
    - It's NOT a magic pill.
    - You need to do the work
    - If you follow it, you will get the results.

    You will need to consciously commit yourself to following the program as it is detailed to you in the videos. If you don't put in the work...you will NOT see results!

    What this program IS
    - This IS a lifestyle change that cuts all of the gimmicks and exercise fads that are so popular yet yield little results.
    - This IS the fastest proven shortcut to get a ripped body and six pack abs.

    The secrets are simple and EASY to follow, and if you follow them how they are designed you will see your body transform faster than you ever thought possible!

    - The FASTEST way to burn belly fat and get six pack abs
    - Skip through ineffective exercises
    - Simplifies healthy eating habits
    - Learn shortcuts to burning fat most guys will never know

    How much time do I need to follow this program?
    The program is designed to be as simple, easy, and convenient as possible to follow. However, it's important for you to know that you WILL have to spend some time and effort to get in shape with this program. Each week you will need to spend:

    • 30 minutes working out, 4 times per week
    • 60 minutes cooking, once each week
    • 30 minutes watching training videos, once each week
    Overall, you should expect to be spend about 3.5 hours per week following the program. If you can commit to this, then I can help you get in shape with this program!

    The reason why you can get in shape with such short workouts is that you'll be using Afterburn Training, which is much more effective than the workouts most people do at the gym

    The program is divided into 4 Phases:

    1ST PHASE (4 weeks)
    In this Phase, we focus on building total body muscle mass. You'll be doing full-body workouts designed to put overall size and muscularity on your body. We also focus on developing a a few positive exercise habits during this phase. You'll get in the habit of doing short workouts consistently, every week. You'll also get in the habit of preparing seven healthy meals at the beginning of each week, and eating one healthy pre-prepared meal per day.

    The workouts in this phase are shorter, easier, and less intense. This is because it is important to condition your body before doing extremely intense workouts, and to ensure the workouts are realistic to stick to if you are just beginning to exercise.

    2ND PHASE (4 weeks)
    In this Phase, we focus on total body fat loss. Of course, much of the fat lost will be in your abdominal area, and this will later help with your goal of getting ab definition. In this Phase, you will begin doing more high intensity cardiovascular exercise designed to accelerate fat loss and build functional strength. You will also be reducing your rest times when doing weight training, in order to achieve an aerobic exercise effect and burn more calories and fat.

    Finally, we will be focusing on eating three healthy pre-prepared meals per day in this Phase. The focus is on maintaining your strength and muscle mass in this phase, while losing fat. These habits together will help you to achieve the caloric deficit which is necessary to achieve this goal.

    3RD PHASE (12 days)
    In Phase 3, we focus on building your ab muscle. The workouts in this phase are MUCH more intense than in previous phases. If you have been following the program in Phase 1 and 2 though, your body will now be ready for this type of extremely challenging workout. The focus in this phase is on heavy, compound weight training that engages your entire body. Squats, dead lifts, power cleans, military presses, and many other heavy, compound lifts are heavily utilized in this phase.

    The goal in this phase is to "shock" your muscles into further growth. These exercises also build an extremely strong core, and muscle mass on your abdominals. This will tremendously benefit you in 4th Phase where we focus on shedding the last few pounds of fat, so that your abdominal muscle is visible.

    4TH PHASE (Can be done as long as you wish)
    In Phase 4, we focus on the losing the last few pounds of fat and getting fully defined six pack abs. This is also the "maintenance phase" -- you will be repeating this phase permanently in order to maintain your abs. In this Phase we focus on full implementation of the eating system -- you will now be eating five healthy pre-prepared meals per day. We also teach advanced fat loss strategies in this phase. These are not necessary for beginners, but will tremendously help you to achieve the low body fat percentage that is necessary for six pack abs.

    Finally, you will be given ten different workouts in this phase. This is to ensure your workouts always stay fresh and interesting, since you will be doing this phase permanently to maintain your body. The workouts in this phase focus on maintaining your total body muscle mass, while also adding the final details to your physique. You will be using more isolation exercises in this phase, since your experience with exercise will now make them valuable.

    What will you learn in the Healthy Eating System?
    You will learn:
    - What to eat
    - When to eat
    - How much to eat
    - What NOT to eat
    - How to cook chicken breasts, fish, beef, vegetables, carbohydrates, etc
    - Healthy snacks for Abs
    - Guide to liquid calories
    - Addictive foods you must avoid
    - Workouts & nutrition while traveling
    - Eating strategies for social situations
    - Supplement guide

    This Workout Plan costs $97 with an additional $47 for the Eating System.

    You can get it ALL for $30 ONLY

    I accept Paypal only because it's instant and safest.
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    Nobody likes to workout?