Implantation of Pelvic Mesh

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    A year ago until now hundreds of thousands of women agreed to transvaginal mesh implants as treatment but the FDA says that “it is not clear that transvaginal POP repair with mesh is more effective than traditional non-mesh repair in all patients with POP.” Further, the treatment “may expose patients to greater risk.” Mesh can begin to erode into the vaginal walls or other organs within a year after surgery. It may tighten or shift, causing it to protrude into the vaginal canal.

    Injured women may experience:
    Erosion, and possible exposure or extrusion, of mesh through vaginal tissue
    Perforation of pelvic organs, bowels and blood vessels
    Pelvic pain and difficulty moving
    Abdominal pressure
    Recurrence of POP
    Vaginal discharge and infections
    Vaginal bleeding
    Vagina scarring or shortening
    Urinary incontinence

    Those are the transvaginal mesh injuries that can hinder any number of activities, including sitting, walking and having sexual intercourse. The physical and emotional harm can affect women’s work, relationships and daily activities.

    Although patients were assured that having transvaginal mesh inserted is a low-risk procedure, its complications can be life-changing. These complications led hundreds of women to file lawsuits against device manufacturers, claiming an insufficient amount of testing was performed and results evaluated before the devices came on the market.

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