Is Inverter Aircon Really Economical?

Discussion in Gas & Electricity started by Alexandoy • May 31, 2017.

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    Oct 3, 2016
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    Our bedroom air conditioner broke down. It is a Panasonic that we bought 3 years ago. Too bad, so young to experience a broken compressor. Instead of having it repaired, we decided to just buy a new one. And it’s not the ordinary air conditioner that we bought, it is an inverter which is pretty expensive at double the cost of the ordinary air conditioner. Now, this question. Is an inverter air conditioner really economical in electric consumption? Based on the literature of the Carrier inverter air conditioner that we bought, the savings is 40% compared to the ordinary air conditioner. I hope it’s true.
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    I do believe that it's true. We have been hearing that the inverter technology really reduces energy cost and this fact has never heard of this fact been disputed. Even though the inverter-driven machine is more expensive that that with the older technology, the inverter type will be more cost effective because the huge reduction in the energy charge will cover the added cost in a reasonable time period.
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