Is It Wise To Get Into Mortgage Again?

Discussion in Mortgage & House Payments started by EditorsRHumansToo! • Oct 27, 2015.

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    Our house is fully paid since 2008. Not a big house on a 10 acres lot. But we happily welcome the pleasure of home ownership, and the hillside view up here, the freedom of no-nearby-neighbors to worry about if we are quite noisy. Within the 15 years of our living here, the children are growing up: The House is in need of more room extensions, kitchen replacement, laundry room renovation, place of employment, school are 45 minutes drive from home-- every day.

    To sell our house and purchase a bigger one on a fenced block in the city center is quite tempting-- near to amenities. But the worth of our house, if we sell, will be a great loss for us-- which means, a bank loan of at least 3 hundred thousand on top of the estimate amount value of our current house, I can imagine the mortgage will kill us into our old age (figuratively).

    Do you think we should get a small loan and do renovations and extensions instead? Would not-selling and borrowing money instead which can be repayable within 2- 3 years as we try to make our ends meet during those years of repayments?

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