J.crew Factory: What Mercantile Sites Are Worth It?

Discussion in Fashion & Apparel started by LordAndSaver • Jun 7, 2016.

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    May 22, 2016
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    I used to order a lot from J.Crew just because I like their styles, quality, and selection. What I didn't like was their price tag. I'd typically only ever buy things when they were on sale, so that made the hits a lot easier to take. When I found J.Crew Factory I was skeptical of the quality of their goods. I figured there HAD to be a reason why the prices were so low. Around Thanksgiving I hit up their cyber monday sale and I got a bunch of flannel shirts from the site for around 80% off. When I got them around a week later, I was honestly very impressed with the quality of these shirts; warm, soft, and no odd smells. It's been over 6 months now and I wore these flannels a lot, some weeks almost on rotation (Buffalo winters), and have experienced zero wear and tear or fading. The shirts look great, and are well cut and I am very happy with them. While they're not quite as perfect as the items I've gotten from J.Crew, I am extremely satisfied. Since then I've placed several orders from J.Crew factory, and while their items don't necessarily have as much of a luxurious appeal, they have never disappointed me in the least. What mercantile, or "Factory" versions of stores surprised you with their quality?