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Discussion in Hot Deals started by Beast_Titan • Mar 17, 2017.

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    Dec 24, 2016
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    I found three amazing deals at Amazon today for the people who loves to cook. These deals will make your life in the kitchen easier and they currently have huge discounts.

    The first one I will suggest is a Crockpot slow cooker, It is originally around $60.00 but thanks to the 43% discount you can have it for only $34.30. Slow cooker is the best invention for the kitchen because you can just put all the ingredients of the stew or soup you are cooking and you will have the best tasting dishes ever. Slow cooked meat is much more tender and it is hard to achieve it with a stove.

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    If you want to achieve the crispiness Fried chicken and french fries have from fast food restaurants, You will need a deep fryer. Hamilton Beach deep fryer is usually sold for the price of $50.00 but thanks to the 32% discount, you can now enjoy deep fried crispiness for $33.76.

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  2. Alexandoy

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    Oct 3, 2016
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    We are in Japan right now for a vacation. Yesterday we were in the market to look for anything we can bring home. We bought some food stuff and small items like hankies and wallets. And then my wife spotted a big sale of kitchen items. A ceramic non stick pan for 50% discount, an elegant rice cooker, a more modern microwave oven all in discounts. But unfortunately we might be charged for taxes in the airport so we refrained from buying such items here in Japan.
  3. moondebi

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    Oct 4, 2016
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    A few days back, I bought a hot pot from Amazon which had a hopping 63% discount. If the requirement is not urgent, I always look for great deals to purchase essential stuffs.

    Now, I'm looking for buying crockery, and waiting for a sale to surface. And, what Amazon is offering on deep fryer, now feeling keen to buy that too, though a deep fryer will certainly make me indulgent to munch unhealthy stuffs.
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