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Discussion in Make a Specific Deal/Coupon Request started by samanthafox • Jun 30, 2015.

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    Is there any legit online store where I can get hold of quality Korean cosmetics ? My coworker just got back from a trip to Seoul and i just loved the cute packaged cosmetics,masks and other stuff she bought ..but she wasn't generous with her gifts or maybe I am being plain greedy but I'd like to know if there are any American websites or International sites where I can buy Korean cosmetics?:rolleyes:
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    is probably the best site for what you're looking for. Their summer sale is actually going on right now (

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    ), so there's a lot of great deals.

    If you're just getting into Korean cosmetics, I've got some recommendations for you! If you're more interested in the skincare aspect, I really recommend getting their Intro to Korean Cleansing set (

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    ). It's a great deal and will last you a really long time. If you're more interested in makeup, you ought to look into their value sets. You can find them under the sale tab, which I linked before. I think the Beauty on Deck set is the cutest, but when it comes to cosmetics you've got to pick what you think suits you.

    As a final note, if you're interested in Korean cosmetics but don't want to shell out $30, I advocate that you just check out the $1-7 deals on their sales page. (That's where most of their masks are, anyways.) You could pick out a few things you like, try them out, and then decide if you'd really like to invest in it. It's not as cost effective as purchasing the value sets, but it'll make you a lot more comfortable with your purchase and save you some money if you end up not liking the products.
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