Let's Talk Cloth Diaper Deals!

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    Hello, I'm a mom of two boys and I'm cloth diaper addicted!:cool::D:p

    I've tried them all- pocket diapers, all-in-ones, hybrid diapers, and prefolds and covers. Right now, my big baby fits great in his velcro flips but we need more. Bumgenius discontinued the velcro closure, so now I'm left to find covers that work as well and are not too much money.

    I really want to spend less then $10 a cover but that's proving impossible to find. I was thinking about Assuntastore covers, but diaper covers from China make me nervous. I'm scared they will be a scam :/

    Has anyone purchased diapers from them before? What about other stores/deals? I'm trying to avoid used as well. I've had bad experiences in the past.
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