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Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by preacherbob50, Nov 26, 2014.

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    I just wrote to check with all of you folks about electric light bulbs. I need someone who has used "full spectrum" lighting.
    I have already done a little research but have never really talked to anyone who has used the full spectrum light bulbs for anything other than growing plants. There is another kind of bulb out there that isn't meant for the plant nursery but for general lighting. It's supposed to be better and healthier, but again I am looking for some folks who have actually used them. I am all ears.........or rather.....;eyes!
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    If you go to your local Lowe's or Home Depot or other hardware store, they often have displays showing the difference in the lighting. I've lived in apartments for many years and could see people who are using the full spectrum bulbs vs people using the traditionally colored bulbs, as I am walking towards my building at night. The full spectrum bulbs may sound like a great idea because they replicate daylight, but in all honestly, they often look pretty garish indoors. They have a very "clinical" look to them, and what makes them even weirder is that they are casting light at all sorts of weird angles that sunlight never would. So they never really look "natural" at all.

    If you had something like a fake skylight in one of your rooms, I would perhaps consider the full spectrum bulbs in it. Or if you had a workroom, perhaps where you were doing drawings, painting or photography, these bulbs would be helpful. But in a living room or bedroom or dining room they look really cold and uninviting.

    Another option would be to compliment your traditional lighting with some daylight simulator lamps. I keep one near my desk while working, which helps a lot with the winter blues when it gets dark much sooner. It's like having a bright sunny window near your desk all day long.
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    I have used the Reveal incandescent bulbs by GE and think they are pretty good. They give you a little more blue than a regular incandescent but they still have the red/yellow side, which I think is what makes that the best "full spectrum" available.

    I do not like the "daylight" fluorescent bulbs one bit. I call them "ice lights" because they remind me of the way the light is when it is reflected off a lot of ice. They are incredibly blue and create a very cold, sterile atmosphere. I think they are missing so much of the red rays that it actually messes with my brain.

    I am happy to use just regular incandescent bulbs most of the time. I feel they are the best for me and my mood personally. I need the warmer end of the spectrum more than the blue to feel good and comfortable. The "Reveal" light bulbs are good bulbs, but I will not pay a whole lot extra for them.