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Discussion in Sports & Fitness started by Strykstar • Sep 12, 2014.

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    Apr 6, 2014
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    I'm trying to get myself to jog a bit more but the newest thing I've gotten into my head is that I don't have the proper shoes to do it.
    What are some features I should be looking at getting when shopping for running shoes? I'm not too fussed about brands, as long and the features are there and the quality is comparable, the branding is just bloating the price tag.
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    I used to run cross country so here are some tips that I've learned throughout the years (plus what my coach drilled into me):

    1) Invest in a GOOD pair of shoes. It can mean getting a pair that's $60+, but you're running and running is generally heavy on the joints and the feet. You want to protect your feet and your knees so invest in one that will last you a long time. It can mean the difference between running comfortably and getting shin splints (or worse) within 2 days.

    2) Go buy your first pair at a running store. They will measure your feet, measure your arch, see how you walk, etc. All of this is to see if you have a certain gait or if your knees tend to go in or out when you walk/jog. They take all of that into consideration and narrow down the choices to find a pair of shoes that fits YOU best. No two people's feet are the same, so just because one shoe works best for your friend it doesn't mean it'll work for you.

    3) Change your shoes every 3000 miles. Once you hit the 3000 mile running mark, chances are your shoes are getting pretty worn down. Again, worn down shoes = prone to injury = can't run.

    4) If you take a pair of shoes, hold it between your hands like you're showing someone feet size. Bend it up so the toe part is going UPWARDS. The amount of flexibility in the toe part will let you know how easily the shoe will bend when you run. Remember when you run, your feet isn't flat; your toes will go up and down in order to push up and to cushion the impact, so the more "bend" this area of the shoe has the more flexibility it has, which means the less likely your toes/feet will get injured.

    5) Get inserts if you have to. They can change your world DRAMATICALLY.
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    Basically this, my biggest advice would just not be to buy a product because its "popular" but that works with you. I highly recommend going to a store and trying it out rather than buying online as a running shoe is a very personal matter.
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