Lower Costs Of Netflix+internet Worth The Hassle Of Switching Providers?

Discussion in Phone, Internet & TV started by moll • Mar 24, 2016.

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    Mar 24, 2016
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    Lately I've found myself watching less and less cable and streaming more things on Hulu and Crackle instead. We've had the Xfinity bundle for as long as I can remember (we still have a landline, which doesn't get used much either). I've had some pretty terse exchanges with Comcast employees in the past when I needed help and I'm a little apprehensive of what's in my future if I cancel.

    I'm on board with it; my husband isn't. He likes his sports channels too much. Help me convince him that it is worth the pain and legwork to cancel, even if we can comfortably afford what we have?
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    Mar 22, 2015
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    I'm planning to cut my cable soon. I'm hoping to get one more Roku before I do that, and possibly do that through the deal SlingTV is having where you can pay up front for 3 months of SlingTV and get a free Roku streaming device, assuming it's still in effect by the time I can afford it. Here's a

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    . If you move down the screen on the right to Add On Extras, there's a sports package. I don't know if it will meet with your hubby's approval, but if not, y'all could check into satellite TV, which seems to have a lot of sports programming. AT&T has bought DirecTV, and seems to be pushing their packages more than UVerse right now, and I get tons of mailings from Dish Network that also mention sports.