[US Only] Make Your Own Soda With Soda Stream! They Are Currently Offering

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    Soda Stream is one of my favorite Kitchen appliances, I will make a review of it later. With this machine you can make your own soft drinks at home. It can turn any liquid into soda. I love Soda Stream because I am able to make healthier soft drinks that won;t make me fat and end up with diabetes.

    Recently I made a syrup out of raspberries and Stevia, I poured that on a litter of fizzy water I made with Soda Stream and by instant I have my ownm home made, sugar free raspberry soda.

    Soda Stream offers 21 percent discount for their
    SAVE 21% ON SodaStream FIZZI + COLA BUNDLE and they have promos for their flavors too. The best about directly buying from them is the fact it's free shipping!