Massage/Chiropractic work?

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    This might not be the right forum for this, but I'm wondering what people's experience has been like when getting a massage or going to the chiropractor. Has it helped you perform better in workouts? I've been considering going just to loosen everything up, but not sure if it's worth the price, or how often I would have to go for it to be beneficial for my workouts.
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    Massages are good for muscle soreness. If you are overly stressed, your muscles from working out, then you could go hit a message parlor and have yourself massaged. Although it doesn't completely make the soreness gone, it does really help to relieve them. They alleviate the pain and at the same time they make you relaxed.
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    Either can help you depending on your issue.

    Chiropractic care is great for body alignment. So, if your back is 'out of whack' after working out, this type of body manipulation can put it back in place.

    Massage therapy is better for sore muscles. I have had this done for medical and personal reasons. Both helped relieve my aching body tissues. Of course, the one for medical reasons was paid for by insurance. The other one I paid out of pocket - $100 per session.
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    I'm kind of prejudged to this question since I'm a massage therapist, and been working with holistic modalities way before that. A well trained massage therapist can do almost as much as a chiropractor. I can say almost because we are rare both in training and inclinations. If he or she knows about energy medicine such as reflexology and or acupressure, we can do a lot. We are not taught how to do a spinal alignment, but we do have some alignment exercises we can incorporate during massage.

    That said, there are distinctly different reasons to go to a chiropractor, and my chiro man is one of the best! If you have ever been in pain, you really know the reasons. :) A chiropractor can give a spinal alignment which effects everything, not only how we hold our body, pain management, correct posturing, which effects everything. Also, something not spoken about much is that when the spine is aligned, our internal organs are also and functioning better.

    I go once a month as regular maintenance. It's a small price to pay for wellness. Especially as it can help avoid actual sick care. :)

    Just be aware that it's not a one time fix all. It's not expected to be. Also, allow a day or two for positive effects to kick in. Some feeling better in immediately of course, but often we feel better the next day or even the third. This is normal for how our bodies work.

    Also if your chiro person knows acupuncture, that would be a good time also as they both can work so great with each other.

    At one time my dream after massage school was to have a wellness center with a chiro, and massage afterward to help smooth out any kinks. At this time however, I don't even do massage anymore.
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