Microsoft Work and Play bundle.

Discussion in Software PC & Mac started by Sugarhill • Nov 12, 2014.

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    May 14, 2012
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    Have you guys heard about this? Microsoft is offering a bundle for $199 and it contains one year of Office 365 Home, Xbox Music Pass, Xbox Live Gold and Skype Unlimited. The ability to get the deal goes through 1/4/2015 and you have to buy it at a Microsoft Store. The buying it at the Microsoft Store is the worst part of the deal.

    However, the rest of it is perfect for me! While I do have quite a few years of Xbox Live on cards that have yet to be activated, this will extend me for another year and the current subscription that I have now, expires on 1/2/2015. So, I don't even have to use the cards yet.

    I was just looking for the cheapest way to get Access the other day as I don't have that program and I used to have Zune Music Pass, which was Microsoft's original music service, but they changed the whole plan and I lost my grandfather status. However, I did want to get back to the services that they provide.

    Now, in theory, I could just buy Access for a little over $100, but the Music pass would top out at $120, so I'm already saving $20 alone and Live is pretty much thrown in for free. I don't have any real use for the Skype and I may see if someone else wants it, if I can pass that off to them.
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    Sounds pretty cool but I think the Play part is a bit overshadowed. I was thinking maybe free games or super cheap game deals kinda like Steam or something. But for $200 I think it's pretty cool deal to have.
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    I'm not a fan of the one-year Office plan, no reason to upgrade and pay subscription when my older version of Office works fine and lasts permanently. Other than that I suppose it is a good discount if you intend to utilize all of the components of the bundle, but if you are only aiming to use Office it isn't all too worth it in my opinion.
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    NO but that sounds like a really good deal! I wouldn't mind giving it a try. MS Office is all I ever use when it comes to doing work on my computer. I would love to have it back, and if I ever get an Xbox that would be a great bundle to have. Thanks for sharing that information!
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