Miracle Trigger for Pain Relief.

Discussion in Product Reviews started by pafjlh • Nov 16, 2012.

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    Nov 11, 2012
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    How do I describe the Miracle Trigger to you? Well first of all let me just go on record as saying it lives up to its name. I have severe joint pain or I should say had, till I started using this little device. So what does it do and what exactly is it. Well the Miracle Trigger is a small device, that is used to give little electrical pulses into nerves in the body to help quiet them down. In a way it works like acupuncture in helping to relieve nerve pain. I have found this device to be a life saver myself, I could barely walk due to severe knee pain till my sister found this product for me, you can also use it on your back, neck, arms and other joints that are in pain. So how much does it cost? Well it runs around twenty dollars online, but for me it has been worth it, yes it was a gift, but it still would of been worth it had I bought it myself. When I think of the amount of pain killers and pain rubs I was using before it that I no longer use as much of any longer, if even ever for this problem.