Monet's Garden-would You Like A Garden Like Monet ?

Discussion in Home & Garden started by FolkArtist • Oct 5, 2017.

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    Mar 6, 2017
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    Would you like to have a garden like the painter, Claude Monet had in Giverny France with lots of flowers or do you just grow vegetables in your garden? I have not been to Giverny to see his garden but would like to go someday and see his gardens and walk around the small village as well. I have taken a virtual vacation to this town though and it seems quite touristy -but also it seems to be a very popular destination for even people that go to Paris because its about 40 miles from there. Have you been there and what was your experience visiting this quaint french village, where monet painted ?

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    I have seen pictures of many of Monet's paintings and they are so breathtakingly beautiful. I would certainly like to go and see his garden which was the inspiration and subject of many of his paintings. It is my dream to do so! Who wouldn't love to have a garden like Monet?? I definitely would like but it is almost impossible!
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