Most Extreme Frugal Thing?

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    A friend of mine always puts a couple of sachets of sugar in her handbag when we are out having coffee. She doesn't have sugar in her own cup so takes them home to offer to guests when they visit for tea/coffee at her home. We all joke about it and tell her she's strange which she happily agrees with!

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    When I get mail in padded mailing envelopes, I reuse the envelopes to mail things and just put my own labels over the old ones.
    I also sometimes make my own envelopes out of scrap paper using a plastic envelope template I bought 10 years ago.
    I have a tall jar that I drink out of, and when I screw the lid on ,it becomes my to-go cup.
    If I happen to be at a fast food place and they offer me packets of ketchup, or jelly for my to-go order, I accept whatever they offer me and take it home to use later.
    I make my own spray all-purpose cleaner with vinegar and water. I trim my own long hair.

    I used to be a shopaholic and cared a lot about fashion and shoes when I was younger.
    Now that I'm an adult in my late 30's with a kid, I wish I had been more careful with money when I was younger. There's a quote I saw on Pinterest "Do something today that your future self will thank you for."
    Well, there are things I did financially when I was young that continue to impact my life and credit today, so I'm pissed at past me and that's why I'm so thrifty now.
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