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Discussion in Software PC & Mac started by TommyVercetti • Mar 4, 2015.

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    I used to have a whole slew of privacy plugins installed including AdBlock Plus, Ghostery, and several others, but I ended up removing them all and now I just stick with the regular AdBlock plugin. They were causing too many web sites to "break" and not function properly. Also, I believe the creators of AdBlock plus have been taking payouts from Google and other ad networks, to let their ads through, which kind of defeats the purpose of the plugin itself. They were also slowing the browser down, Ghostery in particular, because they're all scanning through any given web page for stuff to block, causing the pages to render more slowly.

    What I'm really looking for though is a plugin to block all these annoying popover overlays that practically every web site has these days, nagging you to sign up for their newsletters and other crap.
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    I've used Firefox for awhile but I stopped after finding out that Chrome was faster and had better performance (in my opinion anyways). But I always have a few add-ons that are always a must when using my browser and that is ad-block, pocket reader and awesome screenshots.

    Have ad-block because it's just a must when streaming on any website or your gonna end up spending hours of your life watching ads you don't care about.
    Pocket's always good because you can always save articles for offline reading and the best part is the ability to access these articles straight from your mobile devices so that's a big plus for me.
    Awesome Screenshots are very useful just for taking quit shots of things in my browser. In my opinion it works better then the built-in screenshot capability on my laptop.
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