Motor Insurance Inequity

Discussion in Auto Insurance started by explorerx7 • Jan 19, 2016.

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    The law stipulates that if you own or operate a motor vehicle it is mandatory to have insurance coverage. Therefore, if you opt not to comply and chose to operate without the coverage and you are caught, you will be sanctioned.
    This rule allows automatic business for the insurance companies and you are required to pay for the service in advance. However, in many instances, whenever a claim is made on the insurance company, they stall and delay in compensating you, sometimes without a valid reason for doing so.
    Do you believe that there should now to be the consideration for some form of regulation to have the insurance companies compensating their clients more promptly when it is warranted?
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    Mar 22, 2015
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    Yes, I do. I've had several accidents, none of which were my fault. It seems the process for being compensated has gotten progressively more difficult over time. Although I purchase my insurance locally, when dealing with a claim, the process is handled off site, and the agent isn't really involved, although they do have access to the information, and can answer at least some of the questions. I got my individual insurance agent involved, and after that, I received payment somewhat quicker. The last time, I had to fight my own insurance company and threaten to switch companies. It left me with a bad taste in my mouth as far as my insurance company goes, though, so at some point, if I'm able, I would consider switching companies, but only to one with a stellar customer service reputation.
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    There are cases galore where insurance companies have frustrated their clients through refusal to pay competition and getting involved in draining legalese. They create the impression of trustworthiness through compensating some of the people some of the time while denying others using the same fashion. This way, opinion is divided amongst their clientelle. The situation is exacerbated by those who merely switch companies without complaining loudly or leaving red flags. This makes others vulnerable to learn from their own negative experiences.
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