Multiple shipping options as a business

Discussion in Shipping Services started by tinyfang • Mar 25, 2014.

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    Mar 13, 2014
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    As a business owner and/or operator, we may at times need to send things via postal mail locally, provincially and nationally. At times, we may even need to send internationally. With many threads here asking for best and worst postal services, people can get entangled in the vastness of opinions. However, to make this more clear for those seeking a more filtered approach to courier services for their businesses, there are a number of questions business would like to know about.

    1) Would you recommend that businesses use more than one shipping service if they sell online or just one is fine?

    2) What sort of options do you think is good to offer clients for shipping sold items to them? Eg: tracking, overnight, sea-going, land trucking, air, etc.

    3) Do you prefer commercial courier services or government run services and why?