My Car Died...during The Smog Check!!!

Discussion in Auto & Moto started by jneanz • Mar 24, 2016.

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    Apr 4, 2014
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    I live in California where a smog check is necessary to register most vehicles. My car is 20 y.o. Volvo that had been running okay but because I just got it, I wanted to get an oil change and tune up. With my other cars, I would say what I wanted and be out in an hour or so.

    This guy did a lot of talking about what he could charge me, which was over $300. Then he asks me about a fuel filter but this is included in said amount. Now, they have good reviews on a popular feedback site and I see cars coming and going. I'm thinking no one will pay to get ripped off.

    Well that's what happened...for now.

    First they claimed that I would be charged for a bolt they couldn't get off. Then when they placed my car on the machine, it wouldn't start. My regular mechanic is miles away but that's where it ended up...four hours later.

    When someone does a lot of talking but not saying anything, be careful.
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    I had a terrible experience last year related to my car inspection which is coming due again. I was told by one garage I needed to replace the power steering pump which was like 1,000 bucks there with the labor! The car probablly isn't even worth that. I ordered one online and was going to have it done in my area which is cheaper, and I tool it to a local mechanic..he said you dont need a steering pump! So bascially I was able to get the car inspected for a fraction of what it would have cost me...! If a mechanic tells you something expensive, like with doctors I think it always pays to get a second opinion.