My experience driving coast to coast in the USA

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    Aug 26, 2012
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    Car- Cadillac SUV. 400 average miles per tank, 16 gallon tank. Car Top Carrier on top and every available space packed with stuff.
    Where- Near the CA coast all the way to the NC coast
    Time- 4 days, driving from 10am-8pm with two half-hour stops
    Who- 2 adults, 1 two year old


    We had to fill up my car twice daily at around $60-75 each time. Times four days, that equals $480-600 in gas (major price fluctuation. At the start of the trip I was paying $3.21, by the end of the trip, $3.79/gallon)/

    3 nights in a hotel- we chose the Hampton Inn every time. One room with two queen beds and a hot (and large & diverse) breakfast included for $81/night. This rate didn't change anywhere.

    Food- Breakfasts were free. Lunches were generally fast food and around $18/meal. Dinners were usually a step in between fast food and sit down- either pizza in the hotel room ($21/tip included for 2 medium delivery pizzas) or deli sandwich take out. $21-25 for dinners. We had spent $15 (exact! lol) on food & drinks for snacking in the car beforehand.

    All in all- $1500 was a generous budget with Wiggle room and money left over, but we didn't sightsee anything that wasn't free (Grand Canyon, Cadillac Ranch, Graceland gates, stuff around the Biltmore but no tour, etc).