My New Vitamix, I Love It !

Discussion in Product Reviews started by Happyflowerlady • Jun 25, 2017.

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    Mar 23, 2013
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    I had read the book about green smoothies and started making them with my old blender; but there was always chunks in it, no matter how well I thought I blended the smoothie.
    My daughter got me a Vitamix from Amazon and I just LOVE that blender ! ! It blends everything until it is totally smooth and silky.
    I can soak almonds overnight and the next day, I make fresh almond milk in the blender, and with the Vitamix, I never even need to strainit because there is nothing left that needs straining, just the creamy almond milk.
    I also make fresh lemonade every day, using a fresh lemon, some ginger and a little turmeric powder. It is so healthy and delicious,
    I know that the Vitamix blenders are expensive; but they last forever, and they do the best job of any blender you can buy. Mine is a refurbished one, and even it has a 5 year warranty.

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    It is one of the best blenders ever. It is durable and it can even blend coffee beans, rice and ice cubes. I actually believe a vitamix can replace a food processor. It is expensive but you will save a lot of money because it will last for a long time.
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