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    Review of Lace Water Decals from Born Pretty Store:

    White Lace Water Decals: The sheet has 12 assorted designs of lace stuck to a backing paper. Each design contains
    between 3 and 5 rows of lace; the average length of each row being around 5.5cm. The designs are intricate and delicate and there is sufficient lace in most designs to cover 20 nails as depicted in the photo.

    To apply the decals, cut out the required design and dip it in a small bowl of water until the design begins to loosen and float. With forceps, position it onto the nail and snip off excess with manicure scissors. Dab and smooth design with a dry cotton bud. Once dry, the design will be “stuck” to the nail and quite difficult to shift so correct placement at the start is important.

    I found application of these lace water decals tricky because of the length of the lace. Good eye-sight, a steady hand and a lot of patience is required in manouevering the water decals onto the nails. However, the results are worth it. The best thing about nail water decals is that they lie flat against the nail and once top coat is applied, they won't fall off like nail stickers. They will remain on the nail until removed with nail polish remover.

    Given the choice, I would rate nail art water transfers above nail art stickers because of their ability to remain on the nails practically forever, when used with a top coat. There are also many more beautiful designs (eg. roses) of nail art water transfers available than nail art stickers, on-line.

    White Lace and Black Lace Nail Water Transfers including designs of flowers and fruit etc. are available at Born Pretty Store. Discount Code: ANNG10 gets 10% off regular priced items.

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