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    The opening of TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY tells how Judgment Day came in 1997, followed by the war against the machines. I thought of children watching, decades in the future---children who might believe that the TERMINATOR-saga were an actual origin-story (like The Bible's Genesis) ... a tale of another 'war that made things the way they are now.'

    Made me think, 'Who's to say the Revolutionary War isn't such a myth?' Isn't that the way "history" is? a myth that people "logically" connect to the way things are now? Preserved by people who claim a 'connection' to the myth's characters? (e.g. Disciples of the Master or Disciples of His Disciples or Disciples of Those Disciples etc.)

    So, how many people would have to claim that SkyNet rose-&-fell, before schools add it to the textbooks?