Nice To Meet E V E R Y O N E Here!

Discussion in Look Who Found Us! (Introduce Yourself) started by emberko • Mar 29, 2017.

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    Mar 29, 2017
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    Hello guys,
    Seems like this place is worth staying.

    I'm a plain guy who's paying his internet bill and know how to avoid working for corporate sharks.
    I really enjoy the fact that I don't need to use an alarm clock to get early in the morning, shave and get ready to go out as early as possible so I arrive on time in an office.

    I plan to contribute here with my knowledge, ask questions in fields I'm still newbie, answer questions in fields I'm a rookie and enjoy the whole interaction with you guys!

    My top interests are:
    - eCommerce
    - online shopping
    - gift cards

    ...however I do that professionally and it becomes really boring to wake up, spend a day and go to bed with the same thoughts, plans and actions. I have some off periods on having a rest and just planning my next steps.

    Greetings and see you in the threads!