One Major Way To Keep Your Home That Uses Gas Cooker Safe

Discussion in Gas & Electricity started by Barida • Aug 6, 2017.

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    In Africa, there is this challenge of constant electricity supply which makes most households to depend on other forms of energy to cook their meals. One of such ways is by using domestic gas popularly known as cooking gas. The use of cooking gas in many homes in Africa brings with it risk of fire outbreak if not well handled.

    Actually, the use of cooking gas has caused loss of lives and properties in many homes in this part of the world especially due to some careless behaviour on the part of users. The major tip on how to ensure the safety of lives and properties when cooking gas is being used is to take away from its location any naked fire in the form of cigarettes smokes, bangers and matches lights.

    Keeping away highly inflammable tools from the place where cooking gas is being used goes a long way to ensure safety at home. Share this message with friends and families to save lives and properties.
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    It's a good safety tip to keep in mind. It would also make a lot of sense to first ensure that there's no leak on the LPG hose or the gas stove itself to ensure safety. There have been many fire incidents due to leaks or unchecked damage to the stove or the fuel hose. Likewise, one should never leave the stove unattended while cooking,

    It will surely help to have fire extinguisher handy just in case a fire breaks out.
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    Safety is paramount, and what you and @Jamille@Jamille have said is quite true. Also, as a general rule of thumb, it's good to ensure that children do not come near the cylinder. They might innocently open the shut off valve, thinking that they are playing. If the temperature of the surrounding happens to be equal to the ignition temperature of the gas, it might ignite explosively.

    I would also suggest that the cylinder not be kept near the edge of a top place. Besides causing fire damage, it can fall on someone thereby causing physical harm.
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    I live in a country where cooking gas is widely used. Some households use the large one hundred pounds cylinder which is placed outside the house and feeds the gas through a line. Others use the smaller cylinders which are placed inside near to the stove. There are commercial cylinders which are very large and placed away from the building where the gas needs to be fed into. These cylinders are filled on spot by service trucks.There has hardly ever been any accident resulting from usage or handling of these gas containing devices. Those that had happened over the years have been few and far apart. The people here are mostly aware of what could happen if there is a mishap with these cylinders and they try to ensure safe practices at all times. Those cylinders that are placed inside have a locking mechanism and on and off switch that the children will not be able to tamper with. However, have to agree that it's important to maintain a constant reminder of what could be the outcome should there be a mishap involving these gas containing devices.
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