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    Hey everybody,

    If you are planning an Orlando vacation, here are two websites you should check out. The first will tell you just about everything you want to know about 6 major Orlando theme parks:

    Islands of adventure
    Universal Studios
    Wet 'n Wild (water park)
    Aquatica (water park)
    Busch Gardens (in Tampa -about an hour drive from Orlando)

    The site is a little rough, but it will tell you what you want to know. The links are also good because you can get discounts on your theme park tickets. And you can get them mailed to your door (this is HUGE versus standing in line to buy them when you get to Orlando)!

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    This second site is a promotional site for an ebook that teaches three simple techniques to save on your Walt Disney World vacation. There is no information about Disney World rides or anything like that. But the 3 steps work. The 3 steps will teach you how to build a WDW package that's about half the average WDW package price.

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    I am an editor on both of these sites. That's why I know that the information is good.