Otp Is The Most Effective Way To Secure Your Online Payments.

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    Oct 5, 2016
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    When we do online transactions using our credit / debit cards or online bank account there is a high possibility of your sensitive details stolen by hackers. But even in that case if your card or account has activated an OTP (One Time Password) feature they can't harm you. As you know OTP is a temporary code which is sent to your registered mobile number and you need to enter it to complete the transaction. So it ensure double safety.

    Do you use OTP facility when making online payments?
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    Oct 6, 2016
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    I'm doing online banking with the leading bank in my country and they do have this feature. After logging in with my username and password, the screen prompts me to enter the OTP which they send to my mobile phone. I can also opt to just answer the challenge question. I've always chosen to enter the OTP because if there are hackers or malicious app lurking around, there's no way they can reuse the OTP to access my account. Not all banks have this feature though. I feel more secure doing online banking with banks that offer this security feature. Whether I'm using OTP or answering challenge questions, I always make it a point to clear history and cookies after each session.
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