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    Have you ever seen those payday loan companies? They are often associated with some kind of check cashing shop. Anyway, they offer you a loan (usually small, like $250 to $1000) until you get paid. You are usually required to pay back the loan within about 2 weeks on your regular payday at your regular job. It sounds like a really nice way to borrow money because it is not based on credit or anything like that. You only mainly need to have a job (getting paid a certain amount) and a bank account. In many cases their commercials will imply that you can always use their services if or when you have an emergency and need quick cash. The problem is that the interests rates are enormous. A whole lot more than if you borrow from a regular bank. They are like dealing with loan sharks. Probably the best Alternative to payday loan is a Family or Friend that would be willing to lend you the money. Unless you really really have to, I would advise to stay away from payday loans. They are loan sharks. If you know of any Alternatives to payday loans please reply to this posting.