Per my son's PreSchool teacher these videos are NECESSARY for kids going into Kinder ($15 per set)

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    I live in the number one school district in Arizona. I love our teachers and schools! My son's preschool teacher is the most amazing teacher! She sent an email today about these DVD's. Here is her email to us parents:

    Dear Pre-K Families,

    Thanks to David who let me know that Groupon has the Preschool Prep DVDs on sale for a few days. You can get all 3 sight word DVDs or all 3 phonics DVDs for only $15! That's $5 per video! I highly, highly, highly recommend these videos. They would be great preparation for your child for kindergarten.

    Preschool Prep Educational DVDs – Online Deal
    What You Get
    •For $19, you get the four-DVD Preschool Prep pack (a $49.95 value). The pack includes: •Meet the Letters
    •Meet the Numbers
    •Meet the Shapes
    •Meet the Colors

    •For $15, you get the three-DVD Sight Words pack (a $39.95 value). The pack includes: •Meet the Sight Words 1
    •Meet the Sight Words 2
    •Meet the Sight Words 3

    •For $15, you get the three-DVD Phonics pack (a $39.95 value). The pack includes: •Meet the Blends
    •Meet the Digraphs
    •Meet the Letter Sounds

    •An additional $3 shipping fee will be charged at checkout.



    Garnering more than 25 national awards for its child-education tools, the Preschool Prep Company has been recognized for helping little ones master educational fundamentals at a very young age. The Sight Words and Phonics Prep packs help babies and toddlers produce more than saliva and incoherent babble by associating memorable characters with short words and sounds. The Preschool Prep covers all bases with DVDs devoted to the exploration of letters, numbers, shapes, and colors. The video learning tools aim to bolster basic skills during an opportune time when toddlers are learning to talk and filling their minds with words and pictures rather than fuzz and SMPTE color bars.


    •Winner of 25 national awards for child education
    •Designed for pre-preschool learners up to 7 years old
    •Covers many basic skills including counting, reading, and organizing homework protests
    •Sight Words pack helps early readers learn words that don't follow basic decoding rules
    •Phonics Prep pack teaches about phonics and difficult letter combinations
    •Preschool Prep pack covers letters, numbers, shapes, and colors
    •Visit Preschool Prep Company's website for more information


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    Or you can spend the time 1 on 1 with your child, teaching them the same things, and saving a bunch of money :) Sorry, I love technology, but if I can teach my child the same thing, I would prefer that instead of sticking them in front of a screen.