Permanent Employment Plans

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    My husband has been employed with a contract of eighteen months. There's a lot to do. More projects queued to do, fix and maintain. In four months, that eighteen months finishes. We are praying and hopeful that he will be offered a permanent contract with them.

    Meanwhile, we have been making plans with what to do while he receives his monthly paycheck. Here they are:
    1. Pay all debts. Quickly reduce the monthly outflow for debt payments. Our house and vehicle are fully paid off. Limit our credit card use to the greatest minimum expenses. We pay cash on groceries. If my husband runs an errand to the grocery and pays Visa, I, who keeps the cash, will debit it to him in cash. And then, he pays the money borrowed thru credit card into the bank before the monthly interest affects us. It works well. And we enjoy that feeling of freedom.

    2. Hold on to driving my clunker for little bit more. It's pretty tempting to buy a new car for me. But, my old station wagon still works and drives me to places-- I can hold on to it until all our credit card debts have been cleared. That would be the day!

    3. House fully paid for children's college education. We're quite breathing freely knowing that we are in this better situation we have ever been before. We paid off our house within seven years. Our children were little back then. And My husband received a retrenchment package from his previous employer of 18 years. That was the best time for our large family.

    4. A blessing to the elderly. We make the effort to send money to my elderly mother. Sometimes to a needy family relative whose employment-search is quite difficult to materialize. Whenever time and opportunity allow us to do so, we become sensitive to those situations-- Having experienced hardships, ourselves, during my husband's unemployment in the past.

    Envisioning our future-- and our children's future is the best way to build happiness and stability in our family.