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    I have been getting products at a great discount from Amazon , I exchange for writing a review on the product that I am testing. One of the products that I ordered was dog vitamins. The vitamins are from a company called Pet MD, and the vitamins are shaped like little hearts. One a day is for larger dogs, and dogs under 10 lbs only need a half one each day.
    My little Chipper is only six lbs, so he only needs a half of one. He was not sure if he liked it at first, and kind of nosed it around when I gave it to him.
    Once he actually chewed it, he loved that little vitamin !
    Now, he comes right over when I shake the container first thing in the morning. I have not had them long enough to see how well they work yet; but I can definitely say that the dog will think these are tasty... Besides the regular vitamins and minerals, these vitamins also have MSM, which is great for older dogs , who may have arthritis, or aching joints.