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    One of our newest additions is a tiny, black ball of fluff with big yellow eyes. So beautiful. Her previous owners were negligent; they had two litters stuffed in a cage with their mothers and our little girl was getting no nourishment and no help for being underdeveloped and very obviously sick. She also has only one front paw, either a deformity or her mother may have started eating her at birth and was stopped.. she wasn't healthy, it would make sense. There is one tiny nail sticking out of it that always tugs on the carpet with every step as her weight on that foot is obviously more awkward than any other cat's. We were going to discuss removing it with the vet, to keep her safe.. I predicted injury right away. Otherwise, I would never consider declawing.. it's actually not even a toe it's coming from, so I'm not sure what's going on there.

    So we take her in and she attached to me immediately. As soon as she looked at me, she purred and snuggled right into my arms. Her health was improving, she's so happy to be loved and free to run around with others. Then the other day, she comes running to me on three legs. I'm not sure what happened, but I assume the one nail got caught as she was coming down the stairs and the momentum flipped her over. She's so itty bitty, it would have been quite the pull on her arm and as I thought, the vet said it was dislocated.

    She made it through sedation like a trooper (we were beside ourselves with worry.. in her condition from the previous home, they said there was a chance she wouldn't make it).. she's home now, in a full cast and I don't know what to do!! lol. They want her caged, but I don't believe in cages and even if I had one, she'd still be acting all crazy and risking injury again. So we watch her like a hawk, keep her from playing with the others as much as we can; but still.. she finds a way to risk it. She even attacks the cast. I worry she'll find a way to hurt herself while we sleep. Cage or not, a kitten will play and flip about.

    Sorry this is so long.. has anyone here had experience with caring for a pet in a cast? Especially a kitten, who's cast weighs more than she does! lol. Poor wee thing. Such a rough start to life.