Pharmacy Rewards At Meijer

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    For those of you with a Meijer in town, have you ever used the Meijer pharmacy? Meijer pharmacy has a great rewards program you can sign up with for free with your Meijer mPerks account.

    If you have never signed up for Meijer mPerks, it is the digital coupon and rewards app for the Meijer store. You can sign up online, and at checkout simply enter your phone number and pin and any coupons you have clipped and rewards you have earned will be taken off of your bill. This saves a lot of time clipping paper coupons, plus you can earn rewards for purchasing certain items.

    The pharmacy rewards are earned after every 5th filled prescription at the Meijer Pharmacy. Simply enter your mPerks number and pin each time yoi get a prescription filled at Meijer. Reward examples are $10 off your next purchase, or 5% off your purchase, among others. This rewards program is a great way to save money on your groceries.

    Do you participate in any pharmacy rewards programs? Which ones have you been the most satisfied with?