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    Feb 28, 2014
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    I've seen this product twice on TV not sure if I saw it the first time on QVC or HSN, but the second time I saw it was actually a couple days ago on HSN and I have been so close to wanting to get it. When I first saw it I told my husband about it and I can tell he didn't believe me and thought maybe it was too good to be true, but then he happened to see it with me when it aired the second time a couple days ago and when he saw it he was stunned with how many things you can do without using little to no cooking oil. Its just amazing seeing how they were taking out this food without it looking soaked in oil.

    At the end my husband actually said he wanted the product, but as he was reading some reviews online I was expecting him to say they were all good reviews and he said there were some negative ones so I am hoping this did not make him change his mind. When I asked him what the bad reviews said he told me there were some people complaining about the food not tasting the same as it would if made in a regular fryer. I still would like to purchase this and try it out for myself.

    Does anyone have this product, if so what are your thoughts on it? What meals have you made in it and does the food taste any different in a good or bad way?
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    Oct 10, 2013
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    I don't have this, but one of my friends from work got it and he says it's the best invention since sliced bread! He says everything tastes better at it because it's crunchy but without the oils. I actually did try some french fries done at air fryer at a Polishop store at the mall and indeed it tasted delicious!
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    I had to admit, I laughed when I saw the commercial for this thing, especially when chef Ming Tsai spent like 45 minutes making a stir fry meal in it that you could cook in a traditional wok in like 5-8 minutes. Aside from it possibly making decent fries, I really didn't see any benefits to using it - all it does is stir your food automatically for you otherwise it's just a glorified electric frying pan with a lid. Plus the price on it was rather steep - I've seen it selling for like $200 or more at Bed Bath & Beyond. It's not built very sturdy at all - in fact the pan itself that goes into the machine is thinner than the cheapest frying pans you could get at the dollar store.

    There was a battery powered device from a few years ago that could stir stuff around in a pan automatically. I wonder if something like that could give you the same effect in one of your existing frying pans, for much less of a cost.
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