Phone Line Down No Coincidence?

Discussion in Landline & Mobile Phone Networks started by pafjlh • Feb 28, 2015.

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    Last week I mentioned how my phone line and Internet by extension were down for almost the entire day. I questioned whether the phone company should deduct this from their service bill. Now I have another question, was this work of sabotage?

    The reason I am asking is just a few days after our incident with a damage communicatons line, the north west valley of my state had the same problem. Yes, no phone service and no Internet service this time it was determined that someone actually severed the line. So, now I have to wonder if that was the case in my area as well. After all, this seems like a wild coincidence that there were two main communications lines damaged within days of each other. I tend not to believe there is such a thing as coincidence, so now I have to wonder if ours was damaged delibrerately as well. Also, I have to wonder if this individual or individuals will strike again. I can only hope that they will be caught before they do, because this is vandalism to say the least.
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    Sure, it very well could've been sabotage...but it also could've been a coincidence.

    Regardless, it wouldn't have been your phone company doing it, though, and it sounds like they got it fixed as soon as possible. I wouldn't push too much for a refund on it, but you certainly can. Often times they offer it up anyway.
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    I don't think a refund would amount to much. Although, if you push the issue, you might end up getting some other offers. Some companies just want to keep each and every one of their customers happy. Others really don't care, especially if they are the main game in town (I live in a rural area without much competition). I probably wouldn't both with the refund thing, since it would probably be more time and hassle than it's worth. I'm just happy when they get things going again quickly.
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    The best you could hope for is the cost of a days access being deducted from your next bill, plus maybe $10 for the onconvenience. You'll be unlikely to get any more than this but you might as well email them and ask, what's the worst that could happen?
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