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    I am good

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    and there are a number of people in the world, who are of the view that anything can be learn, if one just tries hard enough. Though it seems to stand true in a number of situations, photography is something entirely different. It is of those pristine arts in the history of Mankind, that people have long tried to learn and interpret according to their own likes and dislikes. However, to fully decipher one’s potential in it goes in years of practice and skill.

    Love for the art, surely has to come from within and one cannot deny the fact that no matter how much you spend on good cameras and lens, the penchant for the art has to come from the heavens above. On the other hand, practice does make a man perfect, in the literal sense. One can learn the best of tips and techniques for intricate photography requirements, which can further lead one into mastering the skill.

    Over the years of experience I have had in the field, I am of the view that a good photograph can be generated only when the subject and the photographer are in synch with each other frame of mind. It is basically a two-way process and there is no denying the fact that one needs to be really careful about how to make this connection happen.

    Comparing photography to music wouldn’t be wrong. You are born with a certain taste of style and form of music and it is that form which will interest you the most. So it can be said that photographic ‘eye’ is also something that catches the beauty of something, most naturally, without trying hard for it.
    Ditching all pretense ad taking on to some of the most descriptive methods of photography, one needs to focus only on what is the most intriguing part of a particular scene or sight. Focusing your camera on it and waiting for the perfect light and the best moment, all you need to do is ‘click’.
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    This is some cool tip! I'm glad I stumbled upon this thread. This reminds me that I have need to be photographed soon!
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