Quicken intimidation

Discussion in Loans started by Meowmie • Mar 27, 2014.

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    Feb 27, 2014
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    We moved our mortgage to Quicken some years ago, and then a few years later we did a refi with them when rates were even lower. About a year later they called asking us to refi again because rates were a little lower. I listened to what he had to say, took down the numbers, and told him I'd talk to my husband.

    The numbers did make sense, as long as nothing unforeseen happened we would recoup our fees within 1.5 years, but my husband said he didn't want to, he thought rates would go even lower. The rate Quicken quoted that day was 3.25%

    When the guy called back, and I told him my husband thought it wasn't a good idea, he said you are giving away free money! You need to talk to him again, and tell him this and that. I said I had to go.

    He called back the next day and asked if we were ready to refi now. I told him NO. Not wanting him to try to talk me into it again, or tell me over and over what to say, I just told him my husband was adamant that we not refi again yet. I did want to refi again, but thought my husband was right, and we'd be able to get a lower rate than what Quicken was offering.

    He had the nerve to tell me if that was the case then I had more problems to worry about than our home loan... I might want to look into my marriage!!!!!

    We did another refi a few months later. Our interest rate is 2.875%. And my marriage, after 36 years, in case anyone is wondering, is doing great!

    Until that guy did that I believed Quicken was an honorable company, and maybe they are, and I just ran into a bad egg, but trying to intimidate me into taking out a loan by implying my marriage was bad made me loose all respect for quicken.