Recommendations On Power Saving

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    Some of these might seem pretty obvious for some people, but they're still really important. I had a problem at home, where I was paying a lot of money for electricity. I called an electric engineer, and she provided me with a few tips that would reduce my bill. These tips were obeyed and reduced my bill by about 60%.

    1.- Unplug your chargers: Don't leave your chargers connected to the power outlet beyond your needs. Charge your phone, laptop, etc while you're awake, not during your sleep.

    2.- When you're using your laptop, plug it in only to charge the battery. Unplug it until it's empty again. You'll save at least 2 hours of power every time you do this.

    3.- Turn off any lights you're not using. Only leave your outside lights on, and that's in case you're in a bad neighborhood.

    4.- Have a special connection for "vampire" devices (those that have the little light that indicates they're on standby), kill them when they're not being used. This can go as far as TVs sometimes.

    5.- Set your refrigerator temperature to NOT TOO HOT, NOT TOO COLD (this depends on your location's weather).

    I must explain this: A device's highest power consumption is when it STARTS UP. So if you're going to be turning your devices on and off very often, you'll increase their power consumption.

    If you have any questions, I'll be glad to help you out. I have knowledge on the matter.

    Thanks for reading.
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    Great tips! Here are some of mine that I would love to add:
    • Charge your phones and other gadgets at the office
    • When at home, don't always plug in your laptop. If it is full, pull the plug
    • When watching movies by yourself, use headphones. Saves battery
    • Don't leave the TV on when nobody is watching
    • Put your phones on power saving mode