Recovered Lost Package From Usps?

Discussion in Shipping Services started by JoanMcWench • Feb 26, 2015.

  1. JoanMcWench

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    I've had my packages lost multiple times through USPS & NEVER I mean NEVER have they ever 'recovered' my packages. They basically acted as though sometimes things like this happen even when your package has tracking & it should be ideally scanned during the entire process somehow it has fallen into a black hole. At the very least should they not refund the tracking number price? It clearly was a waste of money. Has anyone gotten back the items that were 'misplaced' by the USPS or, like me, are they now space junk?
  2. Jessi

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    Yep, I've encountered this a few times.

    My most recent incident I actually had insurance purchased for it and they're fighting me on it. The tracking shows they delivered it, but they never did and now they don't want to reimburse me for it. What a waste!
  3. troutski

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    USPS moves millions of letters and packages each day, so it's not surprising that packages can sometimes become lost. It's a huge agency with thousands of employees, so it's not necessarily right to assume those workers didn't try to locate your package. Packages are indeed recovered most of the time, but you can't expect a 100% success rate here.
  4. Diane Lane

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    I can't actually recall if I've ever had a package lost in transit. If it's something expensive or otherwise valuable (sentimental value, for example), I always insure and add tracking, but of course nothing is foolproof. As I was reading this, I realized I have 2 orders that have apparently been lost in transit, but those are coming from another counntry, so could just be delayed.

    I agree, there should be some sort of compensation when tracking is paid for and misused. I find it irritating when I've paid for tracking or it's been provided as a courtesy due to the type of postage used, and it's never tracked.

    I dropped a package off and specifically asked the clerk (a few weeks back) to scan it, as she was sitting on her a** and doing nothing. I offered to carry it over to the other end of the counter once it was scanned, but she couldn't even be bothered scanning it. I knew there was going to be a problem with the buyer, which is why I made the specific scanning request. She said she'd do it and I left, so as not to block the counter. 3 days later, it still hadn't been scanned. And, as suspected, there was an issue with the buyer, but thankfully, she made the mistake of saying it had been delivered, so I was covered.
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