Relationships After 40

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Would you date or have a relationship with someone 15 or more years your junior?

  1. Yes..why not. It may be fun.

  2. would depend on how they carried themselves

  3. Nope, we grow old exceptions

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  1. May102014

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    Jun 29, 2014
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    My desire to have my own family pushes me to join the dating sites. I didn't have much luck with men of my own race so I thought I might as well try my luck with men of other race. It wasn't easy as I almost fell to some online scammers. I would spend one hour per day visiting websites. I thought to myself that this is better than doing nothing. At least I have something to look forward to each day.

    Finally, I found the one. We started out with sending emails, at least one email per day. Then we moved to chatting and the rest is history. We got married one year after and I moved in to his country 4 months after our wedding. I was in my late 30's and he was in his early 40's. We've been married for 3 years and still counting.
  2. Dora M

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    Mar 5, 2014
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    I'd say get involved in some arts and crafts or do a course in creative cooking, or whatever else takes your fancy. Get a dog and walk it in the park, chat with other dog owners. Or get involved in a community gardening project. Basically, get into things where people are creative and productive, and you might be amazed whom you will encounter.
    PS: I've been with my current boyfriend for nearly six years now, and he's 12 years younger than me. :) So, go for it!