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Discussion in Retirement Plans started by Gavin • Aug 27, 2014.

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    I started late in savings for my retirement because my family needs me to financially support them. Now that my responsibility are lesser than it used to be, a big part of my salary now goes to my investment. I put part of my savings into buying stocks and it earns me some passive income through dividends and valuation of my shares. I also have some investments put into farming that aside from the produce, it also double my investment when there's good harvest. You see, if you try to learn personal finance and you are brave enough to start a business or invest your money, your money will also work for you so you double the chance of increasing your savings rather than just putting it in a bank with a little over 1% interest... only to be eaten away by the inflation. Good luck!
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    No matter how small set some money aside and do not touch it. No one knows what will be in the future and time goes by fast. If you do not want to save money get a life insurance policy that grows cash, it can be used as a loan if you need it and at some point in time it can be cashed in for the face value. Whole life insurance is a savings device many people use to grow wealth and freedom.
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