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Discussion in As Seen on TV started by vpresson • Jun 23, 2016.

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    Has anyone here tried these rocket copters from the as seen on tv ads? When the commercial come on tv both my kids wanted them, but I am usually on the fence when it comes to the as seen on tv things due to past experiences which weren't great. So, I hesitated on buying them also because I didn't see the point in paying over 20 bucks for a pack of little plastic rockets. Well, we ended up finding these rockets while on a shopping trip at Kmart and seen they were half the price advertised on tv so I gave in and brought them. I must say I am not a big fan of these type of products, but these were worth my money(especially since I only paid 10 bucks) they worked exactly as they were suppose to. This was the first time I brought something from seen on tv and it did exactly what it did on tv. They are kind of like sling shots in the shape of rockets that lights up with different colors and go very far up in the air. My kids love them and even me and my husband had a good time playing with these rockets. I highly recommend these for kids, although they don't look like much at first they can produce hours of fun.